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MySolar Overview

MySolar is enabling the growth of the residential solar market with a proven operating track record underpinned by a scalable platform.

  • MySolar is a residential system holding company indirectly owned by both AES Distributed Energy and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Morgan Stanley
  • MySolar works with residential solar system marketers, aggregators and installers to develop standardized Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and lease agreements, which MySolar ultimately assumes and manages
  • Since 2012, MySolar has completed the acquisition of more than 1,300 residential solar systems and is rapidly growing

How it Works

MySolar partners with industry-leading solar PV marketers, service providers and equipment manufacturers, with well-defined roles and processes developed and refined over thousands of customer interactions.

  • Residential solar aggregators and installers manage the sales and development process and maintain the long-term customer relationships, subject to strict design and engineering standards and consumer credit requirements
  • MSP provides program guidance, financial compliance and asset management services as the program manager and long-term owner of the assets, utilizing financing from MSSS and existing third-party lenders
  • MSP has long-term Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and financial servicing contracts in place to manage and monitor PV system performance, dispatch field service, and provide customer invoicing and payment processing
  • MySolar utilizes only high quality solar products and technology, vetted by industry leading independent engineers

Customer Management Portal

MySolar provides a shared portal between MySolar, Lender and the Residential Program Provider.

  • MySolar reviews all documentation and signs off prior to lender review
  • All approvals and notifications are processed through the customer management portal
  • Single web-based platform for customer relations management and document storage
  • Easily accessible by all program stakeholders via the internet through any web compatible device

Strong Sponsorship and Track Record

  • AES Distributed Energy develops, owns & operates PV solar systems, and is the manager & majority owner of approximately 1500 completed commercial & residential systems
  • AES Distributed Energy owns and operates more than 50 MW of generating capacity, enough to power more than 17,000 homes
  • MSSS develops and secures financing for PV solar projects through strategic relationships with industry participants including developers, suppliers, installers, and governmental agencies
  • MySolar’s efficient O&M and consumer servicing platform is currently managing over 1300 residential sites

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