As an experienced renewables developer and energy generation company, AES Distributed Energy believes in building strong relationships with all stakeholders of a project. One of our most important steps in the development process is to build long-lasting relationships with landowners. Our experienced team works closely with landowner partners to understand and address their specific needs, considering current and future uses and values of property. We work closely with landowners performing all due diligence from the beginning stages of site discussions to completion of the development.

As landowner advocates, the AES Distributed Energy project development team recognizes best use scenarios and can guide landowners in improving the productivity of leasing land for solar development, which can increase revenue generation while decreasing maintenance obligations. AES Distributed Energy is a committed partner to each of its landowners, delivering prompt responses and expert advice. AES Distributed Energy’s farmer-friendly development approach ensures that each of our projects will benefit the local area for generations to come.
Our landowner partners are compensated fairly and equally. We work closely with our landowners and their neighbors during the siting process to ensure that all projects are well received by the community and yield sustaining support for the long-term operation of the project.

Our renewable energy projects are designed to afford minimal disruption to the land. We work with landowners and the community to allow for mutually beneficial projects and opportunities for continued farming and ranching operations. At AES Distributed Energy, we are not just solar developers. We are owner-operators and have a vested interest in the success and long-term viability of our projects.

For more information about what you need to know about land leases for solar development, Visit Solar Energy Industries Association: Guide to Land Leases for Solar

Environmental Protection Agency: Farmer’s Guide to Going Solar 

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