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Solar shines bright on Maui’s energy future

Publication: The Maui News

In May and October, Kenyon Energy powered up Maui’s first two large-scale solar projects, both capable of each generating 2.87 megawatts of solar power for the island’s grid.

The projects were the latest developments in Maui County’s push towards total renewable energy, and with two more projects in the wings — considerably bigger and with ample amounts of battery storage — the era of large-scale solar on Maui may just be getting started.

Canadian-based Innergex Renewables USA is proposing a 15-megawatt solar and 60-megawatt-hour battery storage system on 150 to 200 acres of Ulupalakua Ranch land, while Colorado-based AES Distributed Energy is proposing a 60-MW solar and 240-MWh battery project on as much as 500 acres of old Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. fields in Central Maui.

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Community Presentation For New Waikoloa Village Solar Project

Publication: West Hawaii Today

KAILUA-KONA — Representatives of AES Distributed Energy convened the first public meeting Tuesday night on a proposed solar-plus-storage project planned for an area roughly two miles southeast of Waikoloa Village.

Around 20 attendees took their seats a little after 5:30 p.m. at the Waikoloa Village Association Community Room, inquiring about aspects of the potential new solar venture including stormwater runoff, wildfire precautions and a decommissioning process that’s decades down the road.

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AES Unveils Ambitious Portfolio Transition That Could Result in 100% Renewables

Publication: Green Tech Media

AES Corporation on Tuesday outlined a plan to slash its carbon intensity 70 percent by 2030. That’s a leap from the power producer’s original target, set earlier this year, of reducing carbon emissions 50 percent by 2030.

Much of the plan hinges on the growth of clean energy. The independent power producer has laid out steps to expand investment in renewables, energy storage, liquid natural gas and energy efficiency. AES framed its shifting business strategy in both climate and economic terms.

“Shifting our portfolio to cleaner sources of energy reduces our carbon exposure and overall carbon intensity while creating significant upside margin growth over time,” writes AES in a report on climate scenarios tied to the announcement.

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Solar project slated for Waikoloa Village

Publication: West Hawaii Today

KAILUA-KONA – The Hawaiian Electric Companies are pushing seven industrial scale, solar-plus-storage projects across the state, including one set for a large patch of land 2 miles southeast of Waikoloa Village. AES Distributed Energy won the bid for the project and will convene a community meeting from 5:30 – 7:30 pm, Nov. 13, at the Waikoloa Village Association Community Room to provide more information and address any questions from the public.

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Dispatchable solar coming to Kaua’i

Publication: PV Magazine

When we at pv magazine look at places that are pushing the limits of what solar can do, there is no place that we look to like Kaua’i.

Sure, there are small islands and off-grid facilities where all needs are met with solar and batteries, and there are larger regions (California comes to mind) that also integrate relatively high levels of solar on the grid. But for the combination of the portion of demand met with solar (nearly 23% in 2017) and the scale (562 square miles, 66,000 residents), there is no place that we know of that has pushed the envelope as much as Kaua’i.

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East Hampton Moving Closer to Completion of Solar Farm

Publication: CBS New York

Long Island Town’s Goal Is To Have 100 Percent Of Community-Wide Electricity Needs Supplied By Renewable Energy Sources

EAST HAMPTON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A large solar farm on Long Island’s South Fork is close to completion. That means residents in one town are closer to their clean energy goals. One particular two-acre parcel of land was once a dumping ground for East Hampton’s brush. Now, it’s a key piece in the town’s multi-year plan to have 100 percent of community-wide electricity needs supplied by renewable energy sources.

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Energy Storage Proves Key to Delivering Natural Gas Advantages

Publication: Market Watch

Southern California Edison and General Electric recently retrofitted a 50 megawatt (MW) gas turbine with a 10 MW lithium-ion battery energy storage system (BESS). The system now has faster response, both starting and ramping. In 2017, American Electric Power and the Finnish company Wartsila added a 4 MW BESS to a hydroelectric plant. New revenues are generated with the faster response in the PJM market for two forms of ancillary services, having closed the gap for responsiveness to command signals.

In 2018, AES Corporation won a power purchase agreement (PPA) tender from Southern California Edison for 1,284 MW of combined cycle capacity with 100 MW of BESS capacity. Greater performance from the system allowed lower PPA prices. The combined cycle plant is expected to come online in 2020, with the BESS to follow in 2021. Projected reductions in capital
costs for the BESS enabled this success.

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Energy for a Changing World

Publication: CEO-NA

For Andres Gluski, CEO of energy player AES, technology is the key to future success.

When Andres Gluski took over as president and CEO of The AES Corporation (AES) in 2011, the Arlington, Virginia-based energy company had a reputation as one of the best builders and operators of coal plants in the world.

Seven years later, amid rapid transformations within both the industry and the company itself, AES is a cutting-edge provider of all types of energy as well as a global leader in technology and innovation.

Indeed, this ongoing evolution was precisely the opportunity Gluski was attracted to when he first took charge.

I saw that AES was a rather unique company in terms of the markets that it covered,” Gluski says. “It truly was an international company. And I saw a unique opportunity to really focus the company, make it more efficient, and also move it into leading technologies and integrate them into our operations.”

AES is a Fortune 500 company that generates and distributes electrical power in fifteen countries and employs approximately 10,000 people worldwide.

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