About Us

Improving lives by accelerating a safer and greener energy future.

The AES Corporation is a global power company with generation and distribution businesses in 15 countries on four continents. Our mission is to improve lives by accelerating a greener, renewable energy future. AES is a Fortune 500 company with a diversified portfolio, large balance sheet, and decades of relevant development, construction, operations, and financing experience.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of The AES Corporation, AES Distributed Energy is a trusted energy partner delivering reliable and affordable solar PV projects on a stand-alone basis or paired with storage. The AES Distributed Energy team of solar professionals consists of developers, engineers, and project managers. This team works diligently to deliver solar PV and energy storage facilities to customers in the United States.


AES DE delivers more solar MWs to the grid through the acquisition of ready-to-build projects by working together with experienced engineering, procurement, and construction professionals, and other local developers.  We support co-development opportunities with these value-added services:

  • Land identification and negotiation
  • Project due diligence
  • Contract structuring
  • Equipment procurement
  • Owner’s engineering and scheduling

Financing Solutions

AES was one of the first Independent Power Producers in the U.S. and helped to create the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). We have financed over $24 billion in the past five years and have broad access to global capital markets to offer efficient project financing structures.

With more than a decade of solar, wind, and storage development and operating experience, we have successfully negotiated for clients in our multi-national operating footprint. We offer a variety of financing solutions that address a wide range of PV projects that may be early-stage, shovel-ready, or in operation.

Asset Management and Operations

AES Distributed Energy delivers comprehensive Operation and Maintenance services through our Asset Management team and using specialized contractors. This team monitors performance, manages operations, and oversees the maintenance of our sites with the goal of minimizing downtime, maximizing energy production, and extending the system’s operating life. Integrated asset monitoring and internal reporting systems ensure 24/7 site visibility as well as compliance with all regulatory, financing, and host requirements.